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  • Reading: Starhawk - The Spiral Dance
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...not really, BUT I'm moving to another account because... well, mostly because I felt like it. There are quite a few changes happening right now and it simply seemed like a good idea to let this time of rebirth hit my dA presence as well. Plus for some reason I've lost my will to look after this account lately.

The new account has been created quite some time ago already, mostly because I was hesitating, but I've also taken my time in transfering some of the old pics from here, and uploading newer shit lest the new gallery won't start off completely empty and because I have to admit being somewhat fond of some of those dusty pieces.

So yeah, I'm going to leave this gallery completely empty (sorry to all those who have faved my bullshit so far and thanks again <3) and unwatch everyone just to rewatch them from the other acc, since I'd feel very bad about letting dA spam the inbox of an abandoned account.
The rewatching might take some time as I'm still a lazy bastard, but be sure it's going to happen...

Last thing I want to say: THANKS to those who watched this account, I still greatly appreciate it.

Okay, I guess that's all you need to know so far, so have the new one: :icondrunken-angel:
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  • Reading: Miyamoto Musashi - A Book of Five Rings
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Lately I've been spending about zero time on here due to several reasons, but I've been told that one of my pieces has been found on another page. As I didn't submit anything somewhere else on the interwebs yet, I guess this is what the cool kids call art theft.
And, guess what, like all those cool kids I don't appreciate that much, meaning: If I should happen to stumble across someone using my art without written permission from me, I will make sure the thief won't ever be able to smile again. Promise.
So please think twice before taking something. There is so much better art out there that's actually 'worth' the risk anyway, why would you want to throw away your life like that for my bull'? Seriously, theft is wrong either way, just don't do it.

If you want to use my stuff in a regular way, just drop me a note, I usually don't eat people polite enough to do so.  

Sheesh, I never thought, I'd ever come to the point where I have a reason to rant about art theft...
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  • Reading: Starhawk - The Earth Path
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  • Eating: Liver
  • Drinking: Red Bull &amp; Tears
Heh, looks like I didn't have to write that last entry. This considers my 'hometown', hence I felt like it was important to share the news.

I won't tell you too much about it, you'll find everything you need to know here:

So, if you you also endured incredible pain when playing Origins or watching the Shattered Memories trailer, please help spread the word lest the people team silent2 wants to reach actually realize the importance of the series' special core which they neglected to badly in the past.
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  • Reading: The History of Alchemy
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Pretty pointless one, too.
That [Your journal is empty. Click here to write an entry!] message annoyed me to no end so I figued it would be the easiest way to write a few words instead of rearranging the whole site.